Star Wars Fossilised Time, 2014


40cm x 46cm x 40cm

Blue Emerald Castle - Wizard of Oz, 2015

PLA, Copper Sulphate

10cm x 17cm x 4cm

Last Year at Marienbad - 359 brushes, Timelapse painting, 2014

Oil on Treated Perspex

162cm x 122cm

Beautiful Girl - Singing in the Rain, 2015

What if Cinema was a Place - Forage Press

Photograph by Sam Burford

Battleship Potemkin - Cinematic Constellation, 2013

C-Type, Diasec, Aluminium

182cm x 101cm

Finnscape, 2012


Dimensions Variable

Los Angeles 2019, 2013

HD Video

Duration Variable

Star Wars Terrain, 2011

Jesmonite, Steel, Aluminium

140cm x 36cm x 8cm

Tie Fighter in Space, 2014

Aluminium, Steel and Nylon

30cm x 20cm x 117cm

Rear Window (1954), 2013

Polylactic Acid, Aluminium, Steel

141cm x 72cm x 10cm

Adam and Eve, 2015

Oil, Perspex and Aluminium

57cm x 37cm

  • All images © Sam Burford